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Finding the right CRM software can be so easy. With the CRM Matchmaker™.

Fast and safe.
Incl. live consulting

Does this sound familiar?

For all those who are looking for more professionality or are dissatisfied with their software / set-up

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Schlechtes aktuelles Set-up

  • Deine aktuelle CRM-Software ist zu kompliziert oder schlecht implementiert. Oder Du hast gar keine.

  • Keiner im Team kann mit der jetzigen Software richtig umgehen.  

  • Das aktuelle Set-up ist historisch gewachsen, Daten werden kaum bis gar nicht erhoben. Und keiner weiß, warum das so sein muss.

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Weder Ressourcen noch Know-how

  • Wer soll sich darum kümmern? Leider verschlingt das Tagesgeschäft alle Ressourcen.

  • Eine Software-Expertise ist im Team nicht oder nur für ganz bestimmte Anwendungen vorhanden.

  • Alle wollen ein gutes CRM. Aber keiner kennt die Kriterien, die dafür wichtig sind.

Screenshot 2023-06-20 211954_edited_edited.png

Angst vor einer Fehlentscheidung

  • Was Dir fehlt, ist ein professioneller Kritierien-Katalog, am besten natürlich perfekt auf Deine Situation zugeschnitten.

  • Das Ergebnis sollte gerne gut werden, schnell da sein und planbare Kosten haben.

  • Das Ziel: Ein Revisionssichere Ergebnis zum Festpreis.

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Transparente Empfehlungen durch herstellerunabhängige Daten



Weltweit einzigartiges Analyse-Tool. Erspart wochenlange EigenRecherche & interne Tabellen!

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Anwenderfreundliche Benutzung des CRM Matchmaker™

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Alle Infos, die Du brauchst: Matching Score, Detailanalyse und Live-Consulting 

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5.000 geprüfte Daten aus 18 Kategorien der 8 marktführenden CRM Software-Anbieter 

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Echte Berater

Fester Ansprechpartner für Auswahl, Nachfragen & Umsetzung

how to

Any questions?

Get to know us
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How our CRM Matchmaker™ works

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Order the CRM Matchmaker™

Tick your important features and create your CRM specification sheet

Receive the results within 2 working days

A CRM expert will advise you on your results

The time has come: Decide for your CRM Match!

The CRM Matchmaker™ algorithm

The CRM Matchmaker™ analyses with unique depth of detail and finds three CRM tools that meet your individual CRM requirements in just 48 hours.



• Salesforce
• Hubspot
• MS Dynamics 365

• Zoho CRM
• SugarCRM
• Pipedrive
• ActiveCampaign



• Marketing
• Sales
• Service
• Automation
• AI
• Kosten
• ... und 12 weitere



Kein Marketing-Sprech. Stattdessen ein einheitlicher und neutraler Vergleich aller Funktionen.



• Geprüfter Datensatz
• Einzigartige Detailtiefe 

• Stand der Daten:

   August 2023

What our customers say about the CRM Matchmaker™

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As a software layman, the market terms used by the providers are confusing. Finally, an overview that names the functions for what they are.


The team behind the 
CRM Matchmaker™

Alexander Lindley

Alexander Lindley

Marketing Technologies

Alex is the project manager of CRM Matchmaker™. He really knows all the providers and functions. Test him!

Mona Ehlert

Mona Ehlert

Agile Project Management

Mona is Project Manager Transformation & Processes and therefore the first contact person for your CRM project.

Mark Pohlmann

Mark Pohlman


Mark is the CEO of MAVENS. It was his idea to make previously internal project data accessible externally.

  • What happens after I click "Book now"?
    As soon as you have selected your service module and chosen an appointment, you will receive a series of emails from us. Here you will receive an appointment confirmation, the link to the coaching, direct contact to your Hubspot consultant and the request to install a screen sharing tool that allows us to show you things directly in your application. If you would like us to work with you on your application, you must send us a login. For this we ask you to sign an NDA, which we also sign. In this way, both sides are safe when it comes to data protection. After the coaching, we ask you to rate the interview. If you are satisfied with us, we would be very happy if you recommended us!
  • What does money back guarantee mean?
    You have a full two weeks to use the fruits of our labor and love us. If something doesn't work as expected, please contact us immediately. We promise to solve the problem within 48 hours. Otherwise you will receive a 100% refund.
  • Can I cancel a call with MAVENS?
    Yes. You can cancel and reschedule at any time.
  • What is the MAVENS Hubspot Audit?
    MAVENS checks your HubSpot application against a predefined list of basic settings to ensure that your marketing and CRM are correctly configured and optimized. This way you can be sure that your setup works as intended with all the functionalities that each HubSpot license level supports. All tasks classified as critical can be commissioned by you directly after the audit. Your personal Hubspot expert will explain the details to you in detail.
  • Why MAVENS?
    MAVENS has been responsible for the digital marketing of well-known customers from all business sectors since 2010. We are a Hamburg-based consulting firm specializing in customer journeys and have a cross-functional team of HubSpot-certified experts. As a consulting company, we know how useful it is to bring situational external knowledge into your own team. There are often time and budget pressures. That's why we started to translate the most important Hubspot activities into clearly defined and quickly available services and offer this to all Hubspot users. And the overwhelming feedback proves us right: more power for your projects works. Welcome to MAVENS!

Do you have any questions?
Get in touch with us.



Among the best 

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8 popular CRM tools

in comparison

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Individual Matching


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Detailed analysis incl. live consulting

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