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How to make your marketing stack 10x


MarTech belongs to marketing

Software needs someone in charge. Your team knows better than any IT or agency what is important.

Transformation for the MarTech Stack


• Content & Creation
• Channel Competence
• Strategy & Planning
• Campaign Management
• Analytics
• IT Skills
• UX Skills


• Brand Values
• USPs
• KPIs
• Persona
• Customer Journeys
• Customer Engagement
• Data Handling


• Advertising & Campaigns
• Creation & Production
• Project Management
• Analytics
• Content Management
• Automation


• Hosting
• Data aggregation
• User tracking
• Segmentation
• Multi-channel orchestration

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Your steps to success





Status quo analysis

To begin with, it's about your data, not your favourite features. Marketing decision-makers should be clear about what data they need and what added value it provides. Then they can find the right tools to get and organise the data.

Data Focus
("Kill Your Darlings")

The second step is the hardest. It's about saying goodbye to bad data, tools and processes and clearing the way for a martech stack that actually collects exactly the data the team wants to process along the customer journey - and leaving everything else out.

MarTech Stack

In the third step, the new stack is built - with exactly the software that delivers the data you need. And is flexible enough to react to new requirements. Because data must flow. In the customer journey, and in the company. As a result, you get exactly the software your marketing needs.

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Your road to the

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90 tools in one MarTech

  • Today, a MarTech stack consists of an average of 90 tools.

  • Every year, 5 new tools are introduced.  

  • A software selection according to the "bottom-up" approach means: Instead of solving a problem, attention is paid to functional diversity.

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CRM Matchmaker™

Efficient selection of CRM software

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Including live consulting

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The price of variety

  • Companies too often buy "shiny objects" - tools with great features that look dazzling but don't deliver relevant insights  

  • As a result, tools occupy important budgets and resources without delivering significant value.

  • Instead of "killing darlings", investments are defended - and thus innovations are prevented.

Nothing is more expensive than the wrong software

  • According to Forrester, poor data quality in the marketing department of a medium-sized company costs USD 1.2 million every year.

  • In large companies, that figure rises to $16.5 million. (over $1 billion in revenue.)

  • 611 billion USD is lost by companies due to poor marketing campaigns in the USA alone.

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Every euro invested incorrectly costs 10 euros a year

  • The follow-up costs for incorrectly selected software are therefore considerable: they tie up resources and prevent the expansion of important activities.

  • A guideline value is 1:10 of the total costs (license & operation).

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Find your Marketing Stack
(2023 Edition)

10,000 marketing tools and counting: how do you find the right software?

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